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This page provides links to a Handbook on developing and supporting ICT-based enterprises for women in developing countries.


The Handbook is designed to be useful to two groups of people. First, it aims to help government and NGO officials to plan, initiate, evaluate and improve ICT-based enterprise projects for women. Second, it is intended for facilitated use by groups of women themselves who want to start up, manage and improve ICT-based enterprises.


The Handbook contents are as follows:

1.      Introduction Audience, Purpose, Content

2.      What are women's ICT-based enterprises? Overview, Case sketches, Individual women's stories

3.      Why support women's ICT-based enterprises? Benefits to women, Agency benefits, Risks

4.      Planning and managing ICT-based enterprises for women: the enterprise perspective - How to analyse, What to analyse, Business good practice advice sheets, Gender good practice advice sheets

5.      Supporting and evaluating ICT-based enterprises for women: the agency perspective - Why? Whom? What? How? How well? Agency good practice advice sheets

6.      Sources of further information


Other Language Versions


Some of these other language versions are not simply translations of the material, but are localised to cover particular local issues, cases, etc.



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Use and Adaptation of Handbooks


The handbooks are produced under copyleft-type principles. They can be freely copied and adapted for non-profit-only purposes, so long as the original authorship continues to be attributed, and so long as any documents produced are themselves made freely available. Please use our Contacts page to inform us of any adaptation and use of handbooks.


The "Women's ICT-Based Enterprise for Development" project is coordinated by the University of Manchester's Institute for Development Policy and Management. The project was initially funded by the UK Department for International Development's Knowledge and Research programme.



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